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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by xxxtentacles, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Hey what's up, I'm x and I like tentacles and stuff.

    Hit me up.

    Nah jk, let's get into this.

    • Experience & Preferences
      I've been rping for about 10 years with large breaks throughout the decade. Currently I've been doing forum rps consistently for about two years. I prefer to use forums for group rps and pms for 1x1's. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about group rps right now, but I'll leave the option open. I think I definitely have a preference for 1x1. I'm not sure I feel like gming a group rp. I like smaller groups, like 3-6 people. Any larger than that and it can be a little hectic. I do have quite a bit of experience with gming, but I'm not sure if I'm up for it at the moment.

      I like a variety of settings, so I'm open to pretty much anything. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Realistic, you name it. There is one type of setting that I'm not great at, and that's historically accurate ones. I'm not much of a history buff, so if we're not taking hella liberties and involving a few fantasy elements, I can't be counted on for historical accuracy. I'm also not super into Fandom stuff. I'm cool with rping in a fandom's world, but I'm not in love with playing canon characters.

      As for activity, I'm an inconsistent fuck (I curse pretty casually btw) so sometimes I'll give you multiple replies within a day. Sometimes you won't hear from me for a week or two. I don't mind getting 1 post a week, in fact I prefer when there's less pressure to post quickly, because then things can start feeling like a chore. For group rps I can certainly commit to one post a week, and if I won't be able to post I'll let the group know. I am super capable of remaining interested in an rp over a long period of time so long as the plot and setting are awesome. Segue.

      Plot & Smut
      I'm fine with having a TON of smut, so long as the plot allows for it and is interesting and engaging. Plot and setting is very important to me, so I'd like to talk it out with my partner(s) beforehand in OOC. I'm big on world building. I'm cool with just kinda freestyling and seeing where things go, especially in group rps, but it's important to me that we establish a dope setting. Our rps don't necessarily have to be all serious and shit. But they can also be all serious and shit. Tonal shifts are a-ok with me. I tend to indulge myself in both hilarity and depravity, and dark themes. I've got a fairly dark sense of humor as well so... yeah keep that in mind.

      I like to play all sorts of different characters. I'm big on world building and I like to fill those worlds with characters. Whether we're in a group rp or 1x1 it's highly likely that I will have a desire to play multiple characters. Male, Female, doesn't matter to me. I play 'em both and I like to think I write for both equally as well. I can get... pretty crazy with all the characters I make, but I'm good at deciding when to use them in a scene and when to put them in the background, so don't expect me to play all my characters at once. I don't really wanna be in a situation where my characters are constantly Dom and yours are constantly Sub and vice versa. I would like to play a diverse range of characters, and a few monsters maybe too!

      Posting Style
      On average I tend to write at least a paragraph. I'm trying to embrace shorter posts, especially for dialogue and smut. I'm capable of writing multiple paragraphs, and if I'm really feelin' myself (especially when setting up a scene) I can hit novel levels. That's really not common for me though, and I'd prefer not to enter anything with someone where extremely large posts are a requirement.

      I'm a big visual guy. I'm a faceclaim enthusiast, I'm not really cool with rping without them. I prefer illustrated images, using real people makes me feel a bit weird. I like to bold and color my dialogue, I also color code my characters. I like to put pictures of my characters in my posts. Other than that, I'm not huge into bbcode, but I appreciate it when my partners make their posts look nice. At the very least, grammatical aptitude is necessary, and I'd love you if you made your dialogue lines stick out somehow. It's really handy when I'm working on my responses.

      I like partners who like to push the story forward together with me. I hate being the only one to advance the plot. If I feel like you're being too passive, I'll be sure to let you know. If things don't change after that, I can't guarantee my continued interest. I like partners who can help me with world building and hashing out a plot. I tend to be rather democratic in group settings, so don't be surprised if I end up gming something and have you guys vote for stuff. Other than that, just keep an open mind and don't be afraid to get fuckin' weird :3

    • Pairings
      MxF, FxF, FutaxF in no particular preferential order. I'm fine with playing any role in those pairings. I can try MxM but I'm not into it so it'll probably seem like I'm phoning it in. I'll do my best though.


      It'd be hard to list everything, so I'm just gonna prattle off a few things. I'll go into depth with some. If you don't see a particular kink here, just ask me about it. I'm quite the degenerate so chances are I'm open to it. If you see something you hate, don't worry. I don't necessarily need everything in this list. Out of respect for others, I'm gonna put everything behind a spoiler, because some of this stuff may be triggering. By the way, if you do have triggers please let me know. A lot of this stuff is gonna seem... dark? I guess that's the right word. But I'm perfectly fine with embracing more normal shit too.

      Kinks (open)

      • Bestiality/Monster Sex: Sex with any sort of non humanoid creature is cool with me.
      • Bondage: Both improvised and elaborate stuff. Captured characters in general is awesome.
      • Breeding: Any sort of plot where the express purpose of some of or all of the smut is for breeding purposes.
      • Daddy/Mommy Kink: I've got a preference for Mommies but I'm cool with Daddies too.
      • Excessive Cum
      • Feet: I like footjobs and some light footplay, but no smelly/dirty feet please.
      • Futanari: I prefer full futas with a cock and balls, no pussy.
      • Gangbangs
      • Gross Male/Pretty Female: lol I wasn't sure what to call this but any sort of ugly male being (human or not) with a hot female is pretty awesome. For instance, a really monstrous orc and a pretty elf or something like that.
      • Incest: Any sort of familial relationship is fine with me.
      • Lactation & Milking
      • Prostitution/Pimping: I like this especially if one character is forced to be a prostitute.
      • Public Sex: Especially as some sort of humiliating punishment.
      • Raceplay: Between fantasy or real world races.
      • Rape
      • Rough Stuff: Hair pulling, choking, spanking, face slapping, punish fucks, whipping, all that kind of stuff.
      • Slaves
      • Tentacles: Duh

      It's a lot easier for me to list the stuff I don't like rather than the stuff I do like. These will always be a no-go for me.

      Squicks (open)

      • ABDL
      • Bodily Waste: Scat, piss, vomit, and farting are all a no go.
      • Furries: I'm fine with Kemonomimi people and highly anthropomorphic characters (like Elder Scrolls Argonians would be a good example) but I'm not cool with anything purely furry focused.
      • Obscure Fetishes: This is hella vague, I know. I'm thinking about stuff like transformation kink and inflation... idk, like I said if you have any questions just ask me.
      • Pregnancy/Giving Birth: Though I'm really into breeding based plots, I'm not too into smut with visibly pregnant characters for either sex, or the process of giving birth.
      • Red Nails: I hate red nail polish, I don't know why. I've been this way since birth. It's just a huge turnoff for me XD

    • I'm fine with doing any of these as a small group or a 1x1. I'll add to this list as I think of more shit. Feel free to throw your ideas at me as well. I'm trying not to make ya read too much, I really am, so I'm gonna condense these ideas as much as possible. Some are more developed than others, but I'd love to get some input from my partner(s) before I elaborate on them.

      If you see something's crossed out, it means I'm no longer looking for partners for that particular plot.

      Fantasy Plots
      Elves, magic, and bikini armor!
      Fantasy Plots (open)

      *All Female and Futa characters
      *Just about any Fantasy race is fine, diversity is welcomed.

      Long ago, an island tribe was cursed by some weird ass magic that turned all of the males in their tribe into women... sort of. Their bodies became feminine in every sense with one exception: they kept their dicks. Centuries later, a powerful society of warrior women arose. Some are regular women, and some are futas. Typically, futas are placed in positions of power, but regular females have the same rights as futas. The Amazons go around raiding other places, sort of like vikings. However, they only kill the men of the places they invade. They kidnap the women and bring them back to their fellow Amazons, where they become breeding wives. Above all else, the Amazons value fertility and increasing their population so that they can set their sights upon conquering other lands. A woman impregnated by an Amazon can only ever give birth to another Amazon, as in a female or a futa. The most powerful and prestigious Amazons have large breeding harems and many children.

      Witch Coven
      *Mostly Female characters, room for males and futas as well
      *Lots of Fantasy Elements

      In a kingdom ruled by mages, a family of outsider witches wishes to increase their influence. Under the leadership of their strict grandmother, the girls and women of the coven must work together to become masters of the arcane arts. Each witch has unique abilities. They live together in a big menacing tower as one big happy family... sort of. Once they hit their magical peak, the girls go out and search for magically adept mates so they can have dope wizard babies. However, grandmother's recently expressed interest in temporarily giving the girls dicks so that they can reproduce with multiple partners at once.

      Sci-Fi Plots
      Laser guns, robots, and mutants!
      Sci-Fi Plots (open)

      Testing Grounds
      *Human, mutant, robotic characters
      A bunch of scientists got together and designated an island for testing all their weird creations and shit. Rapidly evolving bio-engineered monsters were released into the environment, as were autonomic automatons with a variety of purposes ranging from farming to extermination. Bombs and other massive weapons were tested on the island as well. Many people "volunteered" to participate in various experiments and were sent to live on the island. Scientists and research groups also existed on the island, though they were typically in protected areas, such as underground bunkers. Overtime, the island lost most of its vegetation and became an arid wasteland due to all the weird science shit everyone was doing. The island was largely abandoned once it became a wasteland, and so were all of the islands residents. A few centuries have passed since then, and various civilizations and factions have arisen in the Testing Grounds. They make use of scavenged technology to thrive and protect themselves from the many many dangers of the wasteland.

      Modern Plots
      Plots that take place in our world.

      Modern Plots (open)

      All Female Superhero Team
      *I've got a lot of all Female plots don't I? Futas welcome as always, male NPCs and stuff too
      This one would be pretty wacky. The team lives together and goes on all sorts of crazy adventures to protect Earth from any sort of conceivable threat. Corrupt governments, alien invasions, demonic influence, pretty much anything under the sun is okay here. I'm thinking we kinda do "episodes" with it so to speak, where like we make up an adventure for them to go on or a villain to go up against, and just RP until the problem's solved. Or not solved lol. They don't have to win all the time. We could take turns playing the villain of the episode, and if we like the villain a lot, they can stick around in the universe and reappear and stuff. Also we could do silly slice of life stuff with the team just living together in a tower or something.

      Everyday Life
      *males and females are good, but humans only
      So I don't have any particular plot in mind for stuff like this. I've just had a craving to do stuff that's a little more "normal" so to speak. Not sure why but I've taken a great interest in rping families, so I'd love to set up a sort of "Sims-esque" city rp where we just control a bunch of everyday people and let the drama and hilarity ensue. I'm fine with playing husbands or wives and also children and stuff. There are some roles I'd be interested in exploring in this one, so I'll start a little handy-dandy list down here. I'll put a star by the roles I'd prefer to play, but I'm flexible.
      Everyday Life Roles (open)

      • Male Student* x Female Teacher
      • Female Student x Male Teacher*
      • Unfaithful Spouse x Mistress/Whatever the Male Equivalent is*
      • Mother x Son*
      • Brother* x Sister*
      • Home Invader* x Housewife
      • Snotty Cheerleader x Mischievous Nerd*

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  2. I'm interested.

    I mean, look at my character. She's bound to either be fucked by a dominant futa or dominate hard.
  3. I'm interested with one of Everyday Life roles! May we plot for it?
  4. I love playing highly dominant futas (the type you like with a cock and balls, but no pussy), and would love an RP with that.