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Discussion in 'Laboratory' started by Absinthresher, Feb 28, 2018.


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  1. Until I come up with something better, Greystorm is what I'm calling the universe with which my characters generally reside in.

    This first post will be an introduction.

    Essentially, the universe of Greystorm is one that is on a supposedly fixed path, where fate and destiny both exist, and deviating from the path is nearly impossible.

    Nearly impossible.

    An aberration in the so called "Programming" of the universe, and outlier from another, has come and has infected individuals through history to keep it's tenuous existence propagating. These people are known by names, but the they are often referred to as Greykin or Grey Touched. Usually some moniker involving the color grey.

    These people can go completely unnoticed by history, or they can become the single largest force of change in any given era. Many of them don't even know what they are, but those who do change the course of history.

    As for the setting itself, it's a fantastical setting where magic is at the finger tips of those who study it's workings and have the will power to impose their design on the universe, though there are 'cheats' in the forms of spells and rituals that can have great effect.

    Demons, Angels, Werewolves, Vampires, Gods, and more. All of these exist in some form or another, and they all come with their own consequences.

    This setting comes in two flavors: The Secret is intact, or it never existed to begin with.

    It's the difference between an Anita Blake novel, and an Anne Rice novel. People are either aware and try to live with the supernatural around them, or they're not.[/tab]
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