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WRITING The Many Faces of Sid Gunn

Discussion in 'Galleria' started by Teh_Sid, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. I usually got time on my hands to write stuff and things and I find myself always coming back to one particular character of mine. So why not throw some of the short little ideas and writings I've done for her. Enjoy the read, or not. I don't own you.


    Munchkins & Rules lawyers

    From the outside it didn't look like much. The sign had seen better days, half the lights didn't work and the ones that did tended to flicker and sputter more than actually shine. Still, the name 'Gamer's Paradise' could be made from behind the build up of several decades of grime and crude. Once, perhaps back in the store's prime, it had been a paradise as the name implied, but now its glory was faded and rusted. The store served its general purpose though, despite the fact the neighborhood surrounding it got more and more shady and dangerous over the years. If one wanted to snag a booster pack for their card game of choice, pick up the latest issue of their obscure comic (totally for the story and not for the exaggerated breast sizes and skimpy outfits), or waste a few hours playing wargames or a tabletop roleplaying game or two, Gamer's Paradise was the place to go.

    It wasn’t like there were many choices in the area, it was the Paradise or nothing at all. So despite the questionable area and the ridiculous markup the store was always bustling with some type of activity. Wednesday night was no exception. It was gaming night for a few tabletop groups, the plastic fold out tables were completely occupied by varying degrees of geekdom. There were all types, from the newbies just wanting to try it out to the hardcore professionals, complete with the min/maxers and the rules lawyers. The types of games being played were just as varying as the players, from GURPS to RIFTS, to numerous editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

    That was where we found Sid Gunn this evening. It was game night, one of many that the young woman participated in. Sid was into all things gaming, from tabletop games, card games, even miniature wargames to a plethora of electronic gaming. Pen and Paper games held a certain nostalgic place in her heart and despite what was happening in her life she always made time for at least one game. This one in particular had kept her interest for several years so far, the DM was one of the rare few of his kind that could keep a coherent game going with a fair and just handling of the rules. Despite his lack of general hygiene Sid liked him, though she always sat at the far end of the table and upwind. Unfortunately, not everyone saw eye to eye with his style, which was common place when running a game in this type of situation. Players came and went, with Sid and a few others keeping the general group in check and going.

    Sid Gunn herself was a sight to behold. Standing at five foot seven inches high, Sid had a svelte, stunning little figure, complete with proud shoulders, a slim waist, shapely hips and a rear end that just wouldn't quit and a modest, perky bustline. She had a ravishingly angelic visage, achingly beautiful yet marred by a most sinister of expressions (at least for the most part). Her eyes were a bright and intense olive green, her mouth wide and expressive, it wore an almost constant smirk or at the very least a condescending sneer. Her current hairstyle was short and wild and while naturally black in hue it was currently dyed a vivid teal. All in all she cut an impressive package, something that Sid knew very well. She was known to wear some revealing attire when the situation called for it. Wednesday nights at the gaming table weren’t one of them.

    So tonight found her in more casual attire. That bright teal hair was contained underneath a tattered baseball cap, the patch on the front torn off and middle finger patch crudely sewn in its place. A few teal locks poked out from the side, hanging low over her heavily pierced ears. The rest of her attire consisted of a baggy black T-shirt with the logo for the band Teenage Bottlerocket and a pair of jeans, along with her ratty boots that were partially laced up. It wasn't impressive, but it did much to blend in with the rest of the people wearing T-shirts with pop culture icons and quotes on them.

    Sid sat at the end of packed plastic table, one leg folded over the other and her back hunched heavily. Her sharp chin rested in the palm of her right hand, while the left causally rolled a twenty-sided die in her lightly clenched fist. She wore a none too pleased expression upon her beautiful visage, one that promised a slow, painful death to whomever she turned her eyes upon. On the table in front of her was a character sheet, a name written in bold, blocky letters reading: MAE VAN DURAN (all in caps – of course). Atop the sheet was a piece of paper with many numbers scribbled, crossed out and added repeatedly, a mechanical pencil lay just within reach. At this point in the night, the tally of numbers had dwindled from a impressive three digit number down to one digit. Sid's olive gaze kept moving back to that number, rereading it over and over as if she could somehow change it with just sheer mental willpower.

    She waited impatiently for her turn. Combat had begun some hours ago and Sid had lost count as to what round they were currently on, all she knew was the total number of hit points her character currently had remaining as well as how many rounds of rage she had left. Being a Barbarian, she had a substantial amount of hit points, the pool only grew larger when she invoked her Rage power. Right now, if she fell out of rage, Mae would be on the ground bleeding out; something that Sid could not and would not stand for. It was all their fault, she seethed to herself silently as her gaze flicked out over the other meatheads at the table. Tony, the guy who usually ran the group's healer, a War Priest of Pelor, couldn't make it and the rest of them (not Sid) convinced one of the newbies watching to join in and fill the much needed healing spot. Some douchebag stepped up, Sid disliked him right away just because he was new. He thought that he could fill Tony’s shoes. But instead of doing his thankless job of keeping people alive, he proceeded to try and take down the baddies by using his channel energy ability. Despite the fact that Sid quickly spelled out the flaws in the idea, namely the ridiculously low save involved as well as the paltry damage output, the moron proceeded to keep at it, all the while Sid's hit points quickly whittled down to near nothing.

    There was nothing worse in Sid's mind than an idiot that wouldn't listen to reason. Especially one that didn't know how to properly utilize the class they played. The mechanics were important, at least in Sid’s humble opinion. It was bad enough dealing with people who couldn’t grasp the basics of the game, it was something else entirely to ignore helpful advice from a veteran and continue being stupid. Those kinda people rubbed Sid the wrong way and having an angry Sid at the table never turned out well for the offending party member.

    And so she sat, her mood all too quickly darkening with the thought of her beloved, well-crafted Barbarian dying due to one idiot who couldn’t grasp how to play a Cleric. One by one the other players took their turns before it came back around to Sid. Her plush lips gave a subtle twitch, olive eyes flashed dangerously as she pushed up from her chair and leaned over the table to reach for her miniature. It was a decent representation of the character, who was herself a tall, flaming haired human barbarian wielding a greataxe. Delicate, long fingers easily pushed the square base of the miniature over the plastic battlemat, positioning herself skillfully through the chaos of friend and foe.

    “I take a five-foot step,” She muttered loud enough to be heard over the general din of the gathered crowd. “And take another swing at this guy...” Sid pointed at the closest baddie, a crudely painted premolded plastic orc. “With power attack, of course.” She added before snatching up her twenty-sider and giving it a good shake.

    “And once I'm doing cleaning the floor with these chumps our healer better cast a fucking cure spell on me or I'm taking him out next and giving his Cure Serious Wounds wand to the rogue.” Sid hissed the word 'healer', her gaze narrowing dangerously on the player (she honestly couldn't remember the fuckheads name). As Sid rolled her die the player gaped at her in obvious shock before suddenly laughing and turning to the DM.

    “She's full of shit. She can't,”
    He said tittered dismissively, all the while looking at the DM for confirmation of his statement.

    To none of the regular player's surprise the DM simply shrugged his shoulders without looking up from behind his DM screen. “Wouldn't be the first time. Mae is Chaotic Neutral with some severe leanings towards Evil.”

    The rogue's player meanwhile simply grinned avariciously and dramatically rubbed his hands together.

    "Wait. You mean another PC? Or just the Healer?" The newb asked.

    "Yes." Was the only answer he got before Sid let out a thunderous “Woot!” as her dice came to a stop, her hands already scooping up her twelve-sided die and three six-siders.

    “This is gonna be messy.” One of the player's added as the clatter of dice resounded sharply over the tabletop.