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GAME The person posting below me.....

Discussion in 'Gabbing' started by Loxarchos, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Falue? Truse? Kind of? Certain ones are okay.

    The person posting below me has an FBI file.
  2. Ugh. Probably false. But maybe on it's way to true. Depends on.....stuff.

    The person posting below me wishes they could be Archer (the secret agent).
  3. False, I wish I could be Aeon Flux (cartoon, NOT movie).

    The person posting below me is a bigger fan of cats than they are of people.
  4. False. Cats don't have tits, and they don't sound like the Macho Man Randy Savage.

    The person posting below me has broken a bone.
  5. False, I've never broken a bone.

    The person posting below me has never seen a Batman movie.
  6. False. I've seen every live-action Batman movie, and nearly every animated one.

    The person posting below me likes spicy foods.
  7. True true true! I live on them.

    The person below me wishes they had a sock monkey hat.
  8. False, I wish I have a red beret that fits.

    The person below me wishes that people would stop putting pineapple on pizza.
  9. False. I love pineapple, suck on it pineapple pizza-haters~

    The person below me likes My Little Pony.
  10. Kinda true, kinda false. I love and hate it, like Gollum loves and hates the ring.

    The person below me loves The Hobbit.
  11. False. I thought the films were okay, but I'd never really bother to watch them again. I also haven't read the book, and don't care to.

    The person below me likes lemonade.
  12. False, I am allergic to lemons.

    The person below me loves The Good, The Bad, and The Weird.
  13. ... You were just one word from being correct, so false.

    The person below me loves firearms.
  14. Ermmmmmmmmmmmm depends on context. Love them in my games and movies and books, etc. Fired a pistol on a range, exactly once. Would never willingly own one.

    The person below me possesses My Little Pony merchandise (stickers, figures) somewhere....
  15. Nope. Never watched any of that, nor got interested in any merch.

    The person below me once had their gender mistaken by someone online.
  16. No one ever takes sun bro seriously as a gender...

    The person below me is all hon hon for this Canadian goodness.

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  17. Not really but I think you are an awesome person.

    The person below me has an annoyingly catchy song stuck in their skulls.
  18. [​IMG]


    The person below would kill me if we were left along on an island.
  19. True. Mostly because of that song you posted.

    The person below me is a hopeless romantic.
  20. False. I mean I used to be, but the world opens your eyes in weird ways. :P Only in writing can I come close to being a 'hopeless romantic'.

    The person below me hasn't been in a relationship for at least a year.