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UPDATES The Policies have been updated!

Discussion in 'Proclamations' started by Divinatas, May 29, 2017.

  1. YAY!

    So, this is the first time we're running an 18+ site, and that tends to come with exciting new "oh shit, I didn't realize we needed a rule for that" kind of moments, so the policies have gotten a few new additions, along with a tiny face lift to help link to extended content!

    1. User names and Avatars need to be safe for work. These are things people can't hide, so there can't big juicy boobs, squirtin' peens, or dragon egg dildos in your avatars. SORRY JINX. You also can't name yourself Asscrack Funfucker or Camgirl Tittysqueeze. Those kind of names do not promote the kind of community we are after. That includes getting clever as fuck and trying to use alternate languages. ;D We might not notice the first time, but somebody will eventually.

    2. Write in english or provide translations for content. This is just to make life easier for our moderators.

    3. Don't "spite delete" content, especially from roleplays. This has not happened here yet, but we're heading it off! Roleplay is a collaborative effort, deleting all your posts from a roleplay, or deleting an entire roleplay thread is not permitted, as you're also damaging another person's content.

    4. Respect the themes and tone of threads and roleplays! A common sense thing. Dont hijack a thread about cute bunnies and turn it in to a nazi debate. Don't do zany hijinks in a roleplay where a GM explicitly expressed they wanted to do something grimdark and edgey. Be respectful!

    And that is it for new stuff. 8D the rest is just adding links to extended guides about specific rules.
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  2. I don't see what's so wrong with
    titty69squeezer420 XD. Like that's a valid name that my own mother helped me make.
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  3. Hey now, TittySqueezer only refers to my job as a cow milker on the farm! OPPRESSION!!!!!
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    *pushes over a chair*


    *feels bad and puts the chair back*
  5. So I can't go by TittyBaby? (It's a nickname someone gave me after I told them to stop stealing art)