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RANDOM This world is imperfect!

Discussion in 'Gabbing' started by Gwazi Magnum, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Lately, I have been seeing many concerning issues be raised on this site! And I have decided that a solution must be found to address these problems!

    We live in a world where people are always saying their country is the best.
    I say we must forget our differences, and unify under the Human Federation of Planet Korea.

    We live in a world where all women are shallow. And all they want are 2D Alphas, and never any nice guys.
    I say waifu's are the way of the future. Who need's a woman when you can hug your crust infested pillow. Who need's a sandwich maker when you can microwave a week old panzerotti?

    We are constantly being given too high taxes, to pay for schools, healthcare and other services for lazy people.
    I say we simply remove all taxes! Instead all your money shall go directly to me!

    And what healthcare we already have are abysmal! Long wait times, faulty prescriptions?
    I say we revolutionise health care! Eat healthy or be put on a game show being chased down by angry wolves! Eat those fattening calories!

    We live in a world where homosexuals are given rights to marry and are trusted near our children.
    I say we simply neuter everyone! Let there be no children to abuse! And to keep transgenders out of our washrooms, just make everyone go outside! Who needs washrooms?

    We live in a world where with minimum wage rising and tech taking over we have no jobs!
    I say everyone here will have jobs! And it will all be the same job! WEEBS! Everyone can work full time reading manga and anime, and getting into flame wars on the internet!

    We live in a world where mental disorders like Autism are socially accepted and tolerated, special snowflakes who refuse to contribute to the world.
    I say we just pump em full of vaccines, and cure them all!

    We live in a world where everyone is pressured to dress up and be different! Where poor students get constantly harassed and bullied!
    I say we add uniforms! Now every single person shall dress, talk and walk like President Donald Trump!

    We live in a world where people want everything censored! Safe spaces and trigger warnings are running rampant!
    I say no more censorship! Instead everyday, 24 hours a day people shall recite the original pokemon rap! What would there be left to censor?

    We live in a world where the education system is failing. People are constantly failing, dropping out.
    I say we remove the education system all together! Simply answer any question with "My Waifu/Husbando did it!".

    Hopefully this proposal has inspired you all, and blew your minds! For I am Gwazi, blower of minds!
    And nothing else!

    So, what are some serious issues and problems you are seeing with our world? And what solutions (serious or not) do you offer to resolve them?
  2. Do not listen to this fool. Gwazi is a philistine living in the past.

    As of this posting there are a total of 807 official Pokémon. They will be recognized in any and all officially state sanctioned recitatory raps.

    The Brotherhood of the Pocket Alliance will not be going down without a fight!