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BUGS Unresolved Bugs: XF 1.5.9

Discussion in 'Assistance' started by ASH MOON OWL, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. This is a LISTING of bugs we are aware of but have not found a resolution to yet.

    • Account Upgrades error where user can't view the upgrades page when they have a subscription. ?
    • Missing spellcheck
    • Siggy getting cutoff too soon.
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  2. As requested by Diana gonna post a bug here that we're working on! On the mobile viewing of the site, when you get your alerts the words that tell you the thread and who posted are all very dark (as I use the dark background) so you really can’t see it.
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  3. Problem with current-page indication in the Navigation Bar.

    Working properly:
    When viewing the Forums, Members, or FAQ; the tab is properly highlighted.

    Not working:
    When viewing Chats the Chats tab remains the default color and the Forums tab is highlighted
  4. Textbox should have spell check, still doesn't.
  5. The collapse function on signatures seems to be working alright to begin with, but for some reason Insanity's sig appears broken to me! It looks like this:

    siggy broked.JPG
  6. DIANY. *yells. In Fog style, all of the fancy buttons are unseeable b/c of the color they're in!

    diany fixy.JPG

    (Also, don't forget the thing about the weird highlighted backgrounds of the heart banners that are icons next to the forums, and the second top bar that doesn't follow you as you scroll down.)
  8. @Divinatas It seems that members aren't getting rid of their unwashed poen ribbons after twenty posts, and are just getting rid of them ONLY after 30 days.
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  9. I had the same problem! I did think it was both though. XD
  10. @Divinatas as I mentioned yesterday, donating members do not have the Bump feature available.
  11. So the thingy that's happening on Iwaku with the "reply" button not working right is also happening here on AMOR, I just noticed. The little loading thing appears in the corner but the stuff is never quoted.
  12. What is going on with Xenforo and their borked code stuff recently? D: The reply thing is definitely fixed but now certain codes aren't working (I'm going to work on the assumption that it's Xenforo's fault because it's not just this site but Iwaku too). The justify code is broken the background color code is broken and ... hang on lemme check something.... Yep! And tables made with the
    type code is broken.
  13. I cannot for the life of me tag Knight the user in a thread because it keeps popping up with the Knight group of mods. Help DX
  14. Code:
  15. @Divinatas Your self delete feature is still missing.
  16. I cant ssee anyhing beneath rolepalying:


    //am drunk SO MAYBE thats it but yhhhh
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  17. wtf.jpg

    I was busy planning my new graphic thread and this happened. o_o

    I had to remove the
    Div Scroll code

    Seems like it's causing bugs? I figured I'd pop this here in case. :p
  18. Ehm, I'm trying to upload a signature but whenever I hit "save changes" it doesn't register all the way through. I've double checked that my signature (would hopefully) still be there after I refresh or if I go to another page and take a look at my signature, but nothing's popping up. I just want this picture:

    Show Spoiler

    Help please?
  19. @patience

    Hello! We actually don't allow images in the signatures. that's why your running into that issue :)
  20. Waaah?! Why though?! D: