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Discussion in 'Assistance' started by Enigma, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. A member mentioned to me about the Unwashed Peon user banner being a bit unwelcoming.

    Granted, we have a theme with the ranks and user banners, but maybe we could find something a bit more welcoming to smother the fresh blood with. :D
  2. Serf of the realm?
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  3. Not liking or wanting to be an unwashed peon is actually the point! :D It is an incentive for people to start posting and interacting on the site so the get the reward of the ribbon flipping. That is why the inactive ribbons are also scary frightening things.

    ...but I actually like @MetroFallout 's suggestion so much I am going to switch to that. O_O Nice one dude.
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  4. I like your thinking Diana! <3
    Nice one Metro! xD
  5. Soon I will get my ribbon flip... Soon...
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  6. Thanks for making this change. I don't mind doing my time as a peon, but I do shower thank you. ^^
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