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Discussion in 'Gabbing' started by CuteyHoneyCake, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Ok So I LOVE this site, There are so many nice people here and understanding as well, But there Also Assholes here Which is fine I don't care really. It's a Rp website There is going to be picky people HEL him pick when it comes To Rping. I have my own Wants in what I want to Rp, What I cant Stand Are the people that are SO picky Or not so understanding Is what pisses me off something. Like Look I don't care if you come to wanting to Rp Imfine with that I will work with my partners in what they want to Rp I'm super open sometime. BUT I CAN'T STANDS ARE THE ONES THAT SOME TO ME AND ASK ME TO START THE RP AFTER WE WORK OUT A PLAN AND SUDDENLY DROP THE PM!!! GAH that is SO RUDE and hurtful. That goes to the same thing with asking me to RP I put out my Frist post and then suddenly saying I don't want to Rp with me anymore just because, they DontTell me why most of the tell and that Really REALLY!!!! hurts my feeling. it hurts my feeling to being a writer A Rper and As a person, I really do cry something when what does that and I know People are being assholes but have you just sat there and think something that it may hurt the feelings Of others when you do that?? I had five people do this to me in the past week. I don't know what I'm doing wrong I ask if the post is Good and the say yes But they still leave without telling me why. I'm not going to name people because I'm not that much of an asshole But please If the people that did that to me are reading this next and you're going to do that to someone else. sit there and think about what you're doing to the persons feeling and TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT!!!!

    -sigh- I'm sorry that this turned out to be a rant, I just really needed to Vent this off my chest, this just really makes me upset and it hurts my feeling when people Do this. If needed The admin can take this down Or whatever I just didn't know where to go to do this I'm sorry if this isn't the right place Or what.
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  2. This isn't meant to criticize you. If you don't want input, then best not bother reading the following text. Just felt like giving my perspective.

    People dislike confrontation. If your post isn't very good, they might avoid telling you. They don't want to deal with the fallout of someone being offended or upset. So, instead, they'll just tell you everything is fine, and immediately distance themselves from you. Is it more important for someone to protect your feelings, or to protect their own? There are people out there that take very poorly to being dropped in a RP. Is the hassle of dealing with them, and being considerate worth the possible headache? That's a whole bundle of a subject to unpack, but it's food for thought.

    Then again, there are some people that might just lose you in the shuffle. They put you on the back burner, and then eventually forget about you, as other requests come in, or they start other RPs. Sometimes they intend to reply, but always put it off, as the inspiration hasn't hit them. This is a creative process, and sometimes people cannot summon up the will to get around to being creative in that way. Plenty of artists start and finish a project with the intent of coming back to the old ones, but never do.

    Everything you do with another human being is a competition for their time. Nobody on the planet can create more hours in the day, so how they spend those hours can be very important. If you are not the most appealing way they can spend their time, then they will move on from you-- whether or not they do so with grace is up in the air. It's a cold way of looking at the world, but it's how it actually works.

    You also have to understand that we place value on things differently. To some people this is a very casual hobby, disposable even. A role-play being started or dropped is no big deal to them. Maybe it's callous to not consider the other person's feelings, but that's how some people are. It can be difficult to empathize with the other person when you place a different value on the subject at hand. For instance, I'll never understand how someone can be brought to tears over someone not replying to them, but that's just me. On the other hand, you may never understand how I can feel very strongly about something I care about.

    I know it can suck, and it might be painful, but that's just the way the game is. I've been at this for almost twenty years, and it's always been the same. The only defense you have is to try not to take it personally. Just let it roll off of you, and move on to the next person.
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  3. @Mitsu No that's fine I Understands all of that What makes me mad is the moment I talk to them not even a day has passed and people just get up and leave and I'm still talking with them that is what makes me mad, I don't care about Any of that, I understand that they may not want to say all that to me but it still hurts that when someone like me who has a super hard time trying to say what I want in a post. Plus this is just a Rent nothing more really, I just didn't have anyone or anywhere to go to let out my anger and disappointment that is all, But thanks you for kinda making me feel better about this or was trying to XD
  4. Brutally eloquent. The harsh reality of putting a piece of yourself out there on the internet. It sucks regardless of it it upsets you to the point of tears or just mildly grinds your gears. But look at the silver lining. Assholes like that would have dropped out anyway, best the do it early than waste even more time. Not much of a consolation, for sure. But as a great man once said 'always look on the bright side of life'. Then he was crucified. So...maybe don't put too much thought into that one.

    *Walks away whistling.*
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