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MxF ZERO SMUT OCCASIONAL SEX SCENES What a Witch! (Potential Trigger Warning)

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Melancholy, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Intro
    Crows and buzzards circled overhead as men and women huddled together tightly. This morning was a particularly frigid one; the strong wind painfully nipping at the ears and noses of the congregation. The grim weather amplified the lugubrious mood that was emitting from the square. The antsy silence was interrupted by the clacking of hooves coming from the dirt road ahead. Some of the women pulled their children closer to their hips as the carriage approached the town square. One of the horses let out a whinny as the coachman pulled the reigns tight, signaling the horses to come to a halt. There was a rattling of chains as the accused were forced up, and then shoved off of the carriage. Some of the accused sputtered obscenities, while others said nothing; their glassed over eyes telling enough. This was the end for them.

    One by one they were forced up onto stools, nooses wrapped snugly around their necks. The last of the accused was a woman with jet black hair, who had a particularly promiscuous aura about her. Her dark green eyes darted at the executioner as he tightened the noose around her neck, and her lips formed a cunning smile, "You could probably go a little tighter than that, don't ya think?" She couldn't see his face due to his mask, but she could just feel the contortion and anger in it. "Ladies first, then," the execution snarled in response. "Oh good, this was starting to get awfully drab," the woman cooed. Her smirk quickly turned to a gasp as the executioner kicked the stool from underneath her. Tears streamed down her face as she clawed at the rope cutting into her windpipe. Blood and foam began pouring out of her mouth as she began thrashing around violently in an attempt to get loose - but it was no use - the more she struggled, the more the rope cut into her trachea. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and her hands fell limply back to her sides -blood dripping from her fingertips. Only the creaking of the rope was heard as her body swayed back and forth. The executioner let out a satisfied harumph as he went on to the rest of the prisoners. Various, horrific sounds followed as he kicked each stool out from under them. And within minutes, all of them were dead. Except one.

    The woman's eyes shot open, and the executioner let out a yell as he stumbled backwards off the platform. The townspeople watched in horror as the woman twisted and contorted out of the noose's death-grip, and landed gracefully on her feet. "I think I put on quite a show," she chuckled as she guzzled up her audience's reaction. "Though I really should be going, witches do have a busy schedule after all! Oh, and jussssttt so you know, you killed a bunch of innocent people. So good job!" The woman blew a quick kiss before smoke formed around her, instantly cloaking her body, and in the next moment - she was gone. Leaving the townspeople with nothing but dead weight.

    Hello lovelies, Melon here! And I am presenting you with What a Witch! This is a plot I have been wanting to do for quite some time, and I am finally posting an interest check for it! However, I will be up front with you, I'm going to be extremely picky with who I will do this with. This is a plot I really love, and I only want to do it with someone I think I click with! So please do not get offended if I think we are not a good fit!

    Here are my rules/statements for this RP:
    -I am a very slow-writer, and I'd prefer my partner to also be a slow writer, or at least patient with me! 8D
    -I am NOT a big fan of smut, but I am okay with doing some if the plot calls for it.
    -This is going to be a fairly serious roleplay, but with some good ol' comic relief thrown in often as well
    -I am going to play the witch. Typically I am not picky on the role I play, but this plot is an exception
    -I like to make friends with my partners, so OOC commentary is encouraged! ^^
    - Quality over quantity for sure, but please give me at least a couple of paragraphs. If you think you can execute a scene well in less than that, then go for it.
    -Your character will be a man of the church (or at least someone considered "good") from a neighboring town
    -The setting is up for debate. Whether you want it to be more medieval or a salem witch trial-esque setting!
    -Please PM me if you are interested!

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