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Where to go from here - A guide-thing.

Discussion in 'Inspiration' started by Villains, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. AMOR is, unfortunately, coming to an end in August of this year - but there is plenty of time between then and now to figure out just where to go from here, and I'd like to help as much as I can.

    Here are a few sites that are similar to AMOR that I have personally used (so I can verify their up-and-upness.)

    Black Dahlia - A sexy site for adult role players. They have a badge system, as well as familiar faces peppered throughout their community. I have now had a chance to RP there and take part in their community. Honestly, they're amazing. I felt welcome immediately. It's really worth taking a look at.

    Site link: http://blackdahliaroleplaying.com/index.php

    Iwaku - This is considered a sibling site of AMOR, and though they're an all-ages RP site, there are sections of their forums dedicated specifically to adult RP content. It's a nice place. I run my group role plays there and I've met so many wonderful people since first joining. Iwaku led me to AMOR. Iwaku is a tad more complicated, but once you've learned to navigate their site layout, there is an excellent community to work with and from within.

    Site link: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/

    Recolor.me - This is an adult avatar site, similar to Gaia Online, and they cater to all sorts of chatter and bored flash games. They have sections for RP of both the clean and explicit variety. I used to use RC quite a bit, and the initial launch of my group RP Perspice was on RC. Some people might enjoy it. The layout isn't typical with what you expect from forums, though, and it's... an avatar site. A lot of the emphasis is on that.

    Site link: https://recolor.me/

    Behind Closed Doors - A site run by former members of AMOR's moderation team, this is an 18+ adult site with a community built from the existing community AMOR is dismantling. Touch of Insanity and Raqe are the administrators. So far, so good. Come join early to help the site grow. c:

    Site link: https://www.bcdroleplay.com/

    THIS WILL BE UPDATED AS SITES ARE KNOWN TO ME - So, please, post in this thread with any sites you believe your fellow RPers might like to join. I will keep this updated so people can easily check the links, and I will make sure to check each site personally so I'm not linking anyone to somewhere too unsavory. This community deserves healthy, enjoyable alternatives.

    As a side note, you can find me on any of these sites listed as Villains. It's a funny story how I came about this persona, but the long story can be shortened to this:

    I used to post on Gaia Online way back in the day, and there, I was We Could Be Heroes. An ode to Bowie. In time, when my playstyle changed and redefined itself, I swapped accounts. We Could Be Villains. Anyway, now it's just Villains - always plural - for anyone curious.

    AMOR Discord Server: https://discordapp.com/invite/VhbRspc
    Villains' Wolfpack RP Discord: https://discord.gg/ZvjDaeR

    The latter is where my role play groups chat, and we have plenty of room for friendly adults who enjoy chatting. Disclaimer: It's not an RP about a Wolfpack. :'3

    Anyway, questions or concerns can be PMed to me. I'm even open to being vented to. Whatever people need right now, I want to help.
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  2. Thank you, Villains. For someone in my position, returning to my previous source of roleplay simply is not an option. I greatly appreciate this, likely far more than you know.
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  3. Honestly, the pleasure is all mine. I really do hope that everyone leaving AMOR has a place to go that makes them feel safe and comfortable, and while there are many options I haven't tried, I can at least verify the ones I have.
  4. Came Early. Registered. Confirmed my email. Looked around.
    Can't post anywhere. Can't see most of the site. Not even allowed to read the rules. No information on what I'm supposed to do next. Scratching my head in confusion.
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  5. I'll let them know for you.
    I think profiles require admins to accept them, so that might be the issue.
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  6. The admins must accept you on the site, even after the email confirmation has been approved of. :) I'm 99,99% sure that's the reason for your problems.
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  7. I am on Black Dahlia and I just joined Behind Closed Doors.
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  8. Yes, that was the case. Thank you.
    Maybe I am too used to sites that require approval stating so in the email (or on the site).
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  9. Has anyone joined Guilty Pleasures Roleplaying? Any feedback?

    What about Iwaku, anyone here join and would like to give a review/opinion of the place?
  10. I cannot offer a review but some time ago I proactively created accounts on many RP forums to maximize the probability of finding compatible partners.

    The RP sites I am most active on are:

    Please keep in mind that they don't use xforo, so the site interface may look clunky, if such things bother you.

    I was not familiar with Iwaku (https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/), but I made an account there recently for the sake of playing with another AMOR refugee. I was greeted politely, offered help (which I did not need since I found my way around fairly quickly). Haven't socialized much though.

    Also made an account on https://www.bcdroleplay.com/ after a recommendation here. Looks very bare bones, but it is a new site so give it some time to ramp up.

    Other sites that I have accounts on are:

    Edit: https://tales-untold.net/index -- age verification is no longer mandatory

    I am not active on these sites, but my criteria for registering was for the sites to be adult and kink friendly and to have a decent number of players. Since they are in my bookmarks, they satisfied both criteria at the time. I avoided sites that put too many restrictions on adult play or had a very small number of threads/posts. Your mileage may vary.

    For the sake of completeness, I have to mention F-list (https://www.f-list.net/)

    Good luck!
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  11. Tales untold rescinded the mandatory age verification, so I updated my post above accordingly.